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About Visual Art

In Visual Art you will have the opportunity to use clay, various printing materials as well as draw, paint and create sculptures. You will look at the art work of several artists from New Zealand and the rest of the world. Your artworks will be displayed around the school and may get selected to be in various exhibitions held at different venues throughout the year.


Successful Kiwis Theme By Mrs Andrews | Wed 3rd Jun 2020

Art Recreations for online learning By Mrs Andrews | Wed 3rd Jun 2020

Students were asked to recreate an artwork using people or things in there bubble during the lock down. These clever recreations show great resourcefulness!

Congratulations Photography competition winners! By Mrs Andrews | Wed 3rd Jun 2020

These students were busy during the lock down taking these stunning photographs!

Year 8 Art Classes have started! By Mrs Andrews | Wed 26th Feb 2020

Year 8's have been exploring a range of painting techniques and experimenting with colour. We started with learning how to blend 2 colours using acrylic paint.

Box Murals By Mrs Andrews | Mon 25th Nov 2019

Painting has started on the boxes outside the M block! Watch this space over the last few weeks of term to see how they go.

Afternoon tea with the Deputy Mayor By Mrs Andrews | Tue 24th Sep 2019

David Bassett the Deputy Mayor took the group of students who worked on the mural project for a tour around the council chambers and offices. They were treated to an afternoon tea as a thank you for all their hard work and we were shown the film that was made to promote the project at other local schools. Who knows maybe we have some future Hutt city councilors here?

T-Shirt Design Competition By Mrs Andrews | Tue 10th Sep 2019

Polyfest Poster Competition Winners! By Mrs Andrews | Tue 10th Sep 2019
Matariki Lantern Making Workshop By Mrs Andrews | Tue 25th Jun 2019

Mural Paintings By Mrs Andrews | Thu 30th May 2019

Congratulations to the team of year 8 students who have worked with the artist Tina Rae-Carter on a mural on the water company boxes near to the school.
The project was set up by a local community group and Hutt city council as a pilot scheme which may be introduced to other schools in the area. The students have worked long hours over the past two weeks and were involved with the initial concept design last term.

The final murals look beautiful with images of the native birds and fish that would have been found in the wetlands of this area many years ago. Students have also depicted diatoms which are unicellular microalgae that play an important ecological role in preventing climate change processes, and also form a substantial basis of the marine food chain.

We hope the mural will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Chinese Art Workshop By Mrs Andrews | Wed 15th May 2019

Our lucky students had the opportunity to try out some traditional Chinese art forms when a group who are on a world tour came to visit school.

Competition Winners By Mrs Andrews | Mon 13th May 2019

Congratulations to Sophie and Lexis who won a competition last year run my the Mayor Ray Wallace. The girls won a prezzie card and their artwork now hangs int he Mayors office!

Clay Lessons By Mrs Andrews | Wed 20th Mar 2019

Year 7 students have started on their clay pieces. We have been looking at the ceramic artworks by Amber Smith for inspiration. Watch this space to see how they look once fired!

Year 7 Students having a go at a colour wheel. By Mrs Andrews | Thu 14th Mar 2019

Year 8 students creating Stop Motion Animations By Mrs Andrews | Mon 11th Mar 2019
Arts and Cultural Evening By Mrs Andrews | Sun 25th Nov 2018

Hutt Valley Intermediate Art Exhibition 2018 By Mrs Andrews | Fri 12th Oct 2018

The Artworks looks stunning at The Walter Nash Centre. The show will be taken down on Monday morning (15th October) so pop in have a look this weekend while you have a chance.

2018 Art Splash Exhibition By Mrs Andrews | Thu 20th Sep 2018

Well done to the following students who have artwork displayed at the 2018 Art Splash Exhibition:

Year 8: Molly Chalmers K2, Anna Sheviakova K3, Zayian Teepa K3, Vinushan Kanthasuvami K4, Ben Irvine H1, Kiron Gould H3, Hilary Smith M3, Caitlin Duganzich M5.
Year 7: Ben Harris H9, Maia Davids H10, Bolin Li H10(x2), Charlie Ruck H10 (x2), Jack Maddigon H10, Jennifer Lukuru H10, Skyla Clout H11, Emerson Gillum H11, Alyssha Eglinton H4 (x2), Ella Cosgrove H4, Nova Hill H4, Skye Holditch H4, Finn Stockwell H6, Danielle Pratt H6, Gabrielle Parker-Farmer H6, Austin Voller H6, Jordan Edhouse M6, Kim Pua M6, Eileen Wu M6, Olivia Cunningham M6, Brooke Ruthven M6 (x2), Jorgia Taylor M7, Lincoln Barker M7, Henry Chamberlain M7, Abby Webb M7 (x2), Jessica Coton M8, Daphne Oberhaus M8.

Wall of Fame is growing as the year goes on. By Mrs Andrews | Mon 17th Sep 2018

Well done Year 8's your self portraits look great!

Polyfest Poster Competition Winners By Mrs Andrews | Mon 30th Jul 2018

Congratulations to Jazel Wilson K3, Molly Chalmers K2, Ezekiel Fata-Meafou H8 and Moriah Sopoaga K4 who came 2nd, 3rd and runners up in the Polyfest poster competition at the end of last term. They were given free tickets to go to the final night of the festival and received prizes including art stationary and money. All of the students who entered the competition gave up their own lunchtimes to work on the posters. Well done for your commitment and creativity!

Chinese Painting Workshop By Mrs Andrews | Wed 6th Jun 2018

Thank you to Jane for coming in to show us how to paint using Chinese techniques. We learned how to hold our brushes and use ink to create a Chinese berry plant painting. This is an ancient art form which takes time and patience to perfect. The process felt quite relaxing and therapeutic as you have to carefully consider each movement you make with your brush. The resulting paintings are fantastic, they will be displayed in the corridor very soon.

Arts Workshop at the Dowse By Mrs Andrews | Wed 16th May 2018

Year 8 Arts Extension students with the identity sticks they created at the dowse workshop today - was great having a look at the exhibitions and then having a go at creating.

Year 8 Arts Introduction Day By Mrs Andrews | Wed 21st Feb 2018

Type Here

Sneak Peek! By Mrs Andrews | Thu 15th Feb 2018

A sneak peek at one of the activities we have planned for the year 8's starting one of the three arts subjects on Monday. All three groups will be in the hall for their first lesson having a go at a series of activities all based on the theme of Identity.

Year 8 Choice Projects By Mrs Andrews | Fri 1st Dec 2017

On display in the school office area.

Arts Splash 2017 By Mrs Andrews | Mon 18th Sep 2017

Congratulations to the following students whose artwork has been selected to go into the Art splash exhibition at the Michael Fowler Centre:

Jeanne Dransfield M5, Jessie Lewis H7, Mo’ui Niupalavu H5, Maddie Taylor M3, Elandri Landsberg H7, Michael Donovan M2, Gabriella Geris K4, Shae Olsen-Karangaroa H6, Agastya Gautam H11, George Channer M9 x2, Maia Graham M9, Gabriel Marenzi M9, Louise Mackenzie H6, Jason Chao H6, Angel Wood M7, Ruby Cross M8, Elsa Robb M6 x2, Nasrin Khalili K2, Eva Langridge K4, Vaka Afu K4, Emalise Alding H8, Bella Willis M7, Elliott Harrold H10, Charlotte Sanders M9, Charlotte Brook H4, Annie Watson H6, Ashden Brew M9, Holly Davos M2, Sam Lines M5, William Liu M3, Grace McIndoe M5, Kaden Harris M2, Harry Owers M2, Blake Eveleigh M5, Lily Trompetter M3, Thomas Smith M5, Pano Zaloumis M2, Rishi Sahrawat M2, Kiela Mendoza M5 

The exhibition is on now until Friday the 22nd of September and is located in the Runoff foyer on the first floor.

Arts Evening By Mrs Andrews | Mon 18th Sep 2017

Art Classes Teach: By Mrs Andrews | Wed 16th Aug 2017
Tapa Workshop By Mrs Andrews | Wed 16th Aug 2017

Olivia Small K2 and her Grandma Uoleva were kind enough to run a workshop showing how traditional Tongan tapa cloth is made and decorated. Olivia translated for her Grandma as she explained how bark is stripped from the tree then beaten into thin sheets. Uoleva showed us how to draw out the boarders and paint the designs onto the cloth. We all had a go at creating our own piece which will be displayed in the corridor along with some of Uoleva’s tapa’s which she has generously given to the school.

Visual Art Extension By Mrs Andrews | Thu 16th Mar 2017

Extension group creating some clay pieces ready to carve next week!

First Year 7 Prints of 2017! By Mrs Andrews | Thu 2nd Mar 2017

Year 7's started printing today:

Collagraph prints of Hutt Valley Landscapes

Hutt Valley Landscapes

Collagraph printing

Wellington Intermediate Art Exhibition 2016 By Mrs Andrews | Tue 22nd Nov 2016

Art Splash Exhibition By Mrs Andrews | Mon 12th Sep 2016

The artworks are currently displayed on the wall out side the hall.

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