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Kia ora koutou, welcome to the STEM page! STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. In a classroom, STEM involves learning skills from across these subjects together, in the same way they would be used in the workforce. HIS students will enjoy using a range of digital tools and IT technology, to design and develop digital solutions to real world problems.


Year 7 Wave Machines By HIS STEM | Sun 15th Sep 2019

Year 7's are currently learning about robotics. We have looked at how robots can see in interact with their environments using a range of sensors. We have used Edison robots and programmed them to use their IR sensors to avoid objects. In this lesson we looked at what an infrared wave was to better understand how these sensors worked.  Here are some snaps from Kereru 4's session! 

Girls in STEM conference By HIS | Sun 15th Sep 2019

Here are some highlights from the Wellington Girls in STEM conference!

Was an awesome day for the girls that went... lots of inspiring woman in STEM fields doing amazing things! 



Kotuku 3 - Dissections and active games! By Mr Clark | Wed 3rd Jul 2019

Kotuku were challenged to use a range of technology to design games, controllers or activities that got people moving. Here are some photos of the group final projects in action (plus some of the dissection we did in our final lesson) 

KEA STEM By Mr Clark | Wed 3rd Jul 2019

Last week, Kea learnt how to test for different metals, using flame tests. Here are some photos of them in action testing iron.

Kahu Dissections By Mr Clark | Wed 3rd Jul 2019

Some photos of Kahu's recent dissections. 

As part of learning about physical activity and the function of the heart and lungs during exercise, we dissected a sheep pluck (heart/lungs) to learn a bit more about these organs!


Kotuku 1 - Active Gaming By Mr Clark | Wed 3rd Apr 2019

Students were set the challenge of designing games, controllers or activities that 'get people moving' using Makey Makey's and Micro:bits. Here are some of Kotuku Group 1's finished games/activities. 

"Micro:bit Cricket" 

"Tilt and catch" game with Makey Makey


"Sprint race" with Makey Makey

"Sword Fighting" - Scoring via Makey Makey

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