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WELCOME TO SOFT FABRIC TECHNOLOGY Hutt Intermediate Soft Fabric Technology teaches students how to use a sewing machine to successfully complete a project such as a shoulder bag. We use the design process to help guide us in our planning, creation and evaluation of our projects. It also provides the basic knowledge and skills needed to be successful in textiles at secondary school. Year 7 students are introduced to using the sewing machine and to basic sewing skills such as using patterns. Year 8 students build on the skills from year 7 to create a new product unique to them.


Term 3 Soft-Tech By Miss Taptiklis | Thu 25th Jul 2019

Term 3 is starting with the year 7 students from client schools creating their own shoulder bags. They have been working quickly and making some beautiful bags.

In week 3 the year 8 HIS students will continue making their flags and boxer shorts, building on the skills they learnt in Soft-Tech last year.

Term 2 By Miss Taptiklis | Thu 23rd May 2019

This term started with Year 8 students from client schools using their skills to make a pair of boxer shorts. Our Year 7 HIS students have been completing their shoulder bags. Some have been using their creativity in making pillows, hacky sacks and small bags. I have been impressed with their use of the sewing machines and their neat bag construction. 

Kiwi Team Collaboration By Miss Taptiklis | Tue 5th Mar 2019

Kiwi CollaborationWe have been working on a cultural mash-up in our collaboration time making new images that represent the cultures in our groups. We have been creating some beautiful flags and clothing items in the sewing room.

Full STEAM Ahead By Mrs McKenzie | Fri 23rd Nov 2018

Last Friday I had the opportunity to attend a STEAM PD day for Wellington art teachers. STEAM is a bit of a buzz word right now, it stands for: Science; Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths.  As I have a background in Science, Technology and Art, I'm looking forward to putting what I've learnt on Friday into action in the classroom. The photos below show various "Art Bots" we made and used to create negative space/reverse stencils.

Well done Emma By Mrs McKenzie | Fri 23rd Nov 2018

Emma, one of our talented Young Designers, has been working all year on making fairy dresses as Christmas presents for some very lucky  little ones. To put so much time and effort into a project that is for someone else shows outstanding character. Emma, I'm proud of you. You live our school Core Values.

Growth Mindset Motto for Textile Art By Mrs McKenzie | Tue 25th Sep 2018

This year, the Arts Team at Hutt Intermediate have been introducing students to "Growth Mindset" thinking. Growth Mindset theory was developed by the American researcher Professor Carol Dweck. We encourage family and friends of Hutt Intermediate students to explore her work as it has wonderful benefits for students at home as well as at school. 

As part of an introduction to Growth Mindset theory, my Year 8 students created the following motto for the Textile Art room. I thought it was worth sharing as it sums-up what I hope the students will gain from experiencing textile arts at Hutt Intermediate...




Monsters Invade School By Mrs McKenzie | Tue 25th Sep 2018

Our Year 8 Textile Art students continue to create stunning "Mood Monsters". Students learn about line, shape, colour, contrast and cartooning then use these art skills to create an original design.

Workshop with WETA Props Maker By Mrs McKenzie | Tue 28th Aug 2018

Ten lucky members of the Wearable Arts Team were selected to take part in a lantern making workshop with WETA Workshop props-maker Terence Turner. The Team worked with Terence to design and make a giant Eagle Ray lantern that was featured in the Wellington City Council's Matariki Parade and Light Festival. The team also made panels that were woven together to create a giant  'fern frond' that was put together with fronds from other schools to make a trees representing children in the Wellington Region. As can be seen, the  workshop gave the students to experience a wide range of techniques and was a lot of fun....

Matariki Parade Hats and Masks By Mrs McKenzie | Tue 28th Aug 2018

The 2018 Wearable Arts Team was selected to be part of the Wellington City Council's inaugural Matariki Parade celebrations. The Team did Hutt Intermediate proud, creating some amazing "water-themed" hats and masks. Here's a selection...

2018 Mood Monsters By Mrs McKenzie | Thu 5th Apr 2018

The first batch of our Mood Monsters has been completed. The students created some great, original designs and worked hard to turn them into soft-sculptures. 

2018 Wearable Arts By Mrs McKenzie | Sun 18th Mar 2018

Wearable Arts has started for 2018. This year's theme is "Under Water". So far, students have explored under water images (sea horses, jelly fish, sea weed, shells, crabs). Judging by the discussion and initial sketches that have emerged, we should be in for a very creative year.

2018 Year 7 programme - Versa-Tiles By Mrs McKenzie | Sun 18th Mar 2018

In 2018, the Year 7 Textile Art Project is "Versa-Tiles". In this, students learn about and use Art Elements and Principles to design a textile collage tile based on the theme "self-identity". To make the tile, they then learn introductory machine sewing skills such as how to set up a sewing machine, straight stitch, zigzag, edge stitch and seams. They also learn running stitch as an introduction to hand stitch.

An exciting new addition to the 2018 programme is the introduction of more choice for the students. Once they have made their tiles, students can then use them to create either a wall-block, mini-cushion, wheat pack or drawstring bag.

These options ere created as a result of a student survey in 2017 which identified them as the most popular choices. Good old cushions came out on top.... as per usual.

Inspiration Stations By Mrs McKenzie | Sun 18th Mar 2018

The start of the 2018 Year 8 Arts programmes heralded a new and exciting activity at HIS. All students beginning in one of the 3 Arts subjects (Visual, Textile or Performing Arts) went to the hall and completed a series of "Inspiration Stations" based on the theme of Identity.

These stations included: Cartooning, Dance Sculpture, Portrait photography, Portrait Drawing, Green screen poses, memory tableaux and pattern making.

The aims of the Inspiration Stations were: (1) To get students thinking about the theme "Identity", ready to hit-the-ground-running when they went to the Arts classes; (2) To get excited and interested in the Arts programmes and; (3) To produce foundation work (photographs, images, etc) to build on in class.

The "Immersion Stations" day was a big success. Students enjoyed trying out the various activities and working in different groups.

Photo Below: Creating "Self Identity" patterns onto fabric - All the fabric prices will be sewn together to make a Textile Art installation at the school.... watch this space


Onesie Club By Mrs McKenzie | Wed 29th Nov 2017

Throughout the year, our Onesie Club met at lunchtimes and weekends to make fabulous one-off designer onesies. We created ladybirds, sports onesies, unicorns, cats, bears and monsters.

The club showcased their work as part of the runway show at the Hutt Intermediate Arts Evening.

Textile Art Leadership Team By Mrs McKenzie | Wed 29th Nov 2017

Here at H.I.S we are trialling a new group in the Textile Art room: The Textile Art Leadership Group. The group has been very busy creating samples for projects that will be taught in class next year. 

First, they surveyed students at the school to get an idea of the projects they would like to make. Then, they stitched test samples  of the projects. As they were preparing their samples, they wrote step-by-step instructions and made "how-to" videos.

Next year's students will have the benefit of stitching projects chosen by fellow students and will be able to follow instructions both written and spoken in "kid speak".

I'm really proud of the hard work put in by the group.

Wearable Arts By Mrs McKenzie | Wed 29th Nov 2017

Our wonderful Wearable Arts Team excelled itself this year. The group made some of the most complex costumes yet, working through many days in the holidays to get them finished in time for Artsplash 2017. For the snow flurry costumes, one snowflake alone took over 1 1/2 hours to make.

The costumes were based on the theme: "Mythical Creatures from a Winter Wonderland". I think you'll agree, the group did a great job of creating outstanding designs based on this theme.

After the huge success of Artsplash, the group got to showcase the costumes again at the Hutt Intermediate Arts Evening.... a fantastic conclusion to a busy, challenging and fun year.

Forest Guardian

Ice Fox Army

Snow Flurry

Snow Flurry

Snow Ball

Ice Princess

Mood Monstas By Mrs McKenzie | Wed 23rd Aug 2017

Some of of Wonderful Year 8 Mood Monstas:

Totem Tiles By Mrs McKenzie | Wed 23rd Aug 2017

The 2017 Year 7 Textile Art project is "totem Tiles'. Each student creates a collage-based tile that represents their self-identity. The tiles are then pit together to create 'Totem Poles' that celebrate the HIS community.

This display is near the Student Entrance, please visit it next time you're at school.

A change to Textile Art By Mrs McKenzie | Wed 23rd Aug 2017

Hello. This is my first blog post as "Mrs McKenzie". Last year I got married so I decided that in 2017 I'd change my last name from Sheat to McKenzie.

2017 has also brought in some exciting changes in the sewing room. Students are now learning about textiles and sewing under the Arts Curriculum. As before, students are lead through the Design Process so that they create an original design, but now the emphasis is placed on learning and applying basic Elements and Principles of Art to enable the students to express themselves. 

The emphasis on self-expression reflects the definition of Art that the three Arts Specialist Subjects (Visual, Textile, Performing Arts) at Hutt Intermediate follow:

Art is: something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings.

In Year 7, students create a 'Totem Tile' to express their self-identity. In Year 8, students create a 'Mood Monsta' to express a given mood or feeling. 

Alongside the artwork, students are given a strong grounding in basic sewing life skills and given the knowledge and experience needed to set them up for success in textiles at Secondary School.

Wearable Arts By Mrs Sheat | Wed 9th Nov 2016

Our Wearable Arts group is well under way creating costumes with a "Winter Wonderland" theme. This week the team used straws and beads to make icicles. These will be painted white and used to make a skirt.

Our first HIS hippo By Mrs Sheat | Wed 9th Nov 2016

Another first.... our first hippo onesie created by Maya

Robin By Mrs Sheat | Wed 9th Nov 2016

Well done Mia for your beautifully executed Robin onesie

Cloud Nine By Mrs Sheat | Wed 9th Nov 2016

Milly is on cloud nine with her onesie...

Our first cat onesie By Mrs Sheat | Wed 9th Nov 2016

Well done to William for completing his gorgeous onesie... our first cat!

Dinosaur Onesie By Mrs Sheat | Wed 14th Sep 2016

Well done to Aimee for completing a complicated dinosaur onesie featuring 3D spikes down the back of the hood and an impressive tail.

More Onesies By Mrs Sheat | Wed 14th Sep 2016

Well done Hannah for completing your fabulous onesie.

Emoji Cushions By Mrs Sheat | Wed 14th Sep 2016

Well done to Mac for completing the first Emoji Cushion from our Wednesday afternoon electives programme.

Onesies By Mrs Sheat | Wed 24th Aug 2016

Well done to Bonnie for finishing her unicorn themed onesie. The detail in Bonnie's hood is extraordinary for a student her age.

Onesies By Mrs Sheat | Wed 24th Aug 2016

As the first round of Year 8 major projects draws to a close, its getting exciting in the Fabric Tech room. Onesies are getting finished. Well done to Kaius for being the first to finish. Not only did Kaius have a Minecraft themed decoration on the front, he decorated the back of his Onesie. That was a huge amount of worl and he was still the first to finish!

Testing By Mrs Sheat | Wed 24th Aug 2016

Fabric testing fun!

Testing By Mrs Sheat | Wed 24th Aug 2016

As part of their Onesie Project, Year 8 students took time out from sewing to undertake a series of insulation tests on a range of fabrics. The purpose was to learn about how and why some fabrics keep us warm. Students wrapped bottles in different fabrics, filled the bottles with hot water, then measured and recorded the temperature drop over half an hour. The activity was a lot of fun... and the students learnt a bit about scientific method, insulation and what clothes to buy for winter wear.

costumes By Mrs Sheat | Wed 24th Aug 2016

...athlete costumes

costumes By Mrs Sheat | Wed 24th Aug 2016

... Spartan costumes

costumes By Mrs Sheat | Wed 24th Aug 2016

...bad guy costumes (Hades)

costumes By Mrs Sheat | Wed 24th Aug 2016

... more God costumes (Hestia)

costumes By Mrs Sheat | Wed 24th Aug 2016

... God costumes (Ares)

costumes By Mrs Sheat | Wed 24th Aug 2016

.... dancer costumes

costumes By Mrs Sheat | Wed 24th Aug 2016

... more costumes

Costumes By Mrs Sheat | Wed 24th Aug 2016

The costume team have had a very busy time making the costumes used in our recent school production. Well done to the costume-making elective group. In total, we made 61 costumes!

Bags of Difference By Mrs Sheat | Wed 24th Aug 2016

Another really effective design... but I am a bit biased!

Bags of Difference By Mrs Sheat | Wed 24th Aug 2016

The Year 7 students have been designing and making drawstring back packs. This project introduces students to sewing machine skills. Another aim of the project is to get students thinking about plastic bag waste and the importance of using more sustainable, reusable bags. This design was really effective.

Lil Monstas By Mrs Sheat | Wed 24th Aug 2016

A pirate themed 'Lil Monsta

Lil Monstas By Mrs Sheat | Wed 24th Aug 2016

A hamburger inspired 'Lil Monsta

Lil Monstas By Mrs Sheat | Wed 24th Aug 2016

For the first two terms of this year, the Year 8 students have been busy designing and making "Lil Monsta" felt key rings. The purpose of the project was to teach basic hand-sewing life skills (e.g. how to sew on a button,  stitches to use for making repairs to clothes). In addition, the project gave the students an opportunity to recap design skills learnt in Year 7. As you can see, we have some talented designers at H.I.S.

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