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Welcome to Performing Arts! At Hutt Intermediate we offer many exciting opportunities for students to develop confidence and express themselves through Dance, Drama and Music. We encourage students to develop their creativity, share their passion and showcase their artworks.


Space! By Miss Harrison | Fri 5th Jun 2020

It's been great to get back to school and use drama to explore our school theme... Space! We created freeze frame rockets, performed the play 'Space Shenanigans' and some Year 8s devised their own performances about Astronauts landing on an unknown planet. 

Dance Battle Challenge By Miss Harrison | Fri 27th Mar 2020

Hello everyone. I hope you are well and settling in to our new routines at home. You will have recently received information about the 'Specialist Challenges' that we have set to keep you creative at home. My challenge is a dance battle...

Challenge: Create a 30 second (ish) dance routine to your favourite song. Tik Tok style! Must be your own choreography. Record it and email the video to Miss Harrison with your name and class.

Hip hop, contemporary, K Pop, ballet, Irish, rock n roll, ballroom- all dance styles welcome!

> You can enter individually or create an online dance group.

> Costumes- find things at home to make you stand out from the crowd!

> Bonus prize- for the class with the most members in their dance team.

> Gold card- for teaching it to a family member (and including them in your video)

I’m very excited to watch all of your videos! The top 3 dancers/ dance teams will be invited to an online dance battle (using Zoom) where you will compete for 1st place.

                                  See you on the online dancefloor!

Auditions Auditions Auditions By Miss Harrison | Wed 11th Mar 2020

Term 1 has been action packed with auditions for band and school production. Hundreds of hopeful students came along- it was great to see so much talent and enthusiasm for the Performing Arts! Congratulations to those who have made it into a band- we can't wait to hear you playing together. Production auditions are still ongoing- watch this space!

NZSO murder mystery By Miss Harrison | Wed 11th Mar 2020

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra invited us to their comical murder mystery with text from Lemony Snicket. 'The composer is dead' and the orchestra were under investigation!

Cultural Roadshow By Miss Harrison | Tue 26th Nov 2019

Students took their 2019 performances on the road to Hutt Central, Eastern Hutt, Waterloo and Gracefield schools. It was an action packed day with Poly, TMNAK, Showquest, Dance Splash and the bands performing. Wel done all!

Battle of the Bands By Miss Harrison | Wed 30th Oct 2019

Yesterday 7th Phase went to the Southward Theatre, Paraparaumu, to compete in the Battle of the Bands competition. They were awesome! Ezekiel dazzled the judges and won Best Vocals- congratulations!

NZ Symphony Orchestra Concert and Workshop By Miss Harrison | Thu 19th Sep 2019

Horomona Horo, an expert in traditional Māori music, visited HIS last week to share Taonga Pūoro (traditional Māori instruments). 50 students then went to watch Horomona perform with the the NZ Symphony Orchestra in 'An Instrumental Journey'.

DJ Workshop By Miss Harrison | Sat 14th Sep 2019

DJ T-Rex came to teach students in our first ever DJ workshop. Students learnt how to 'baby scratch' on the turn tables- it's not as easy as it looks!! Thank you DJ T-Rex :)

Band Quest By Miss Harrison | Thu 5th Sep 2019

Congratulations to our 3 HIS bands who, not only took part in Band Quest, but all won awards!

  • 7th Phase- 1st place winners! $400 Rock Shop credit for our school.
  • High Voltage- Rockstar Styles Award
  • Papercutz:
  • Iroha Gregory- Rock-solid Bassist Award
  • Sam Wu- Best Keyboard Player 

Wrap Party! By Miss Harrison | Thu 20th Jun 2019

Shared lunch to celebrate our successful Showquest performance :)

Showquest By Miss Harrison | Tue 18th Jun 2019

What a day! HIS students are recovering from a long but fantastic day at The Michael Fowler Centre. Our students excelled in their dances! Check out the Performance Page for more details and pictures. 

Bands By Miss Harrison | Wed 5th Jun 2019

HIS Bands are off to a rocking start with their first public performances today. We can't wait to see what the future holds! 

Pantomime By Miss Harrison | Wed 10th Apr 2019

It's great to be back in Performing Arts after the Easter holiday. Year 7's having fun creating a mini performance of Peter Pan! 

Well done to Sowjanya, Stella and MacKenzie who performed during our final Term 1 assembly today. If you would like to perform in next term's assembly, pop in to see Miss Harrison in the Performing Arts room.

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