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About M5

Kia ora! Nau mai, haere mai ki te Mātai 5! We are a caring, creative and energetic class who love to learn. We are excited to experience all the opportunities that are presented to us at Hutt Intermediate School this year! Bring on 2019.


Collective Humanity By Miss Grant | Thu 11th Apr 2019

In the wake of the atrocities in Otautahi, M5 has begun a cross-curricular unit exploring a 'Collective Humanity'. Through the literacies of the arts, students are considering social responses to events in their social reality.

Students have begun learning the song, 'Imagine' by John Lennon, and the social reality (The Vietnam War) that was the inspiration for these lyrics - asking for, and commanding attention to the notion that we need to 'all live as one'.

Students are developing their awareness and use of the elements of dance and drama while being asked to 'make a statement' - to speak to the social reality that all of New Zealand has been thrown into. Students already studying music are being extended by considering sound can evoke feelings and alter the atmosphere; and learning how they can manipulate sound to create soundscapes that communicate with and add to the drama and dance performances of their peers.

Week 7 Reflections By M5 students and Miss Grant | Fri 15th Mar 2019

Week 7 has been a great week for M5 with a number of new things starting and continuing.

One of our big highlights this week was going to the Science Lab for the first time. We made Flubber, which feels like rubbery PVA glue. We used chemistry beakers to do a reaction between Blue Glue and Borax. Chloe found out that it was not a good idea to smell Borax despite Miss Grant warning everyone that it was toxic!! ;P

Another fabulous event that took place in M5 this week was going to the Art Room and dyeing our Batix Wax designs. The results were brilliant and will be displayed on our classroom walls next week!

In Maths, we have been working on statistics. This week we went into the computer suite and started learning about and creating survey questionnaires on Google Forms to help us gather data to answer our Statistical Question. Next week we will share these with some buddies, edit them, and then use them to collect data.

During our collaboration time with our year 8 class, K4, we begun brainstorming in our groups our own values of wellbeing. We will continue this work over the next few weeks, to create our own model of wellbeing.

Finally, many students in our class are involved in a number of activities, including learning instruments, playing sports, Kapa Haka, and the Yr 7 Dance Club. Much fun is being had in these extra-curricula activities!

From M5 students and Miss Grant

Yoga: A Model of Wellbeing from Ancient India By Miss Grant | Mon 11th Mar 2019

Today, students began their research on a model of wellbeing from around the world. The classroom hummed as the students worked in small groups browsing the internet to find information on one model of wellbeing. Models ranged from the philosophy of Yin/Yang from China to the Ojibwe medicine wheel, Ikigai, Yoga, and more. We then went to the school library to continue looking for material that would help us understand these models in their cultural context, and the values that underpin them.

In the afternoon, students were led through some traditional yoga asana, including:

* Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

* Uttanasana (Forward Bend)

* Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward-facing Dog)

* Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Upward-facing Dog). 

Then we had some asana-inspired relay races and finished with some asana challenges in pairs.

Models of Wellbeing from Around the World By Miss Grant | Fri 8th Mar 2019

This week, Mātai Rima has been exploring models of well-being from around the world as part of our inquiry. We have been learning to sing and understand a contemporary waiata, "Wairua", as well as a song from the Boke region of Guinea, West Africa, called "M'baraka felenkoee" that is sung by young girls of a similar age, to thank their mothers for their personalities! 

On Monday we begun to learn the dance that is associated with this song - Sörsörnë, and to understand that within this cultural context, well-being is actively created through the triad of music, song, and dance; and the union of community in the form of a circle.

On Friday we begun talking about Mason Durie's 'Te Whare Tapa Whā" model of well-being and how having a place to stand (whenua and tūrangawaewae) is the foundation for the four pillars of wellbeing - tinana (body), whānau (family, community), hinengaro (mind), and wairua (spirit, sense of self). 

Next week students will begin a small group research project where they will select a model of wellbeing to research.

Days Bay By Miss Grant | Thu 7th Mar 2019

On Tuesday 6th March, M5 and K2 spent a spectacular day at Days Bay. The weather was incredible and the harbour was lush with colour. Students were rotated around a number of activities including Beach Games, Wharf Jumping, Fishing, Kayaking, Cooking, and Raft Building. The students really came alive and displayed the core values of excellence, resilience and respect fantastically! What a great day!

Bryan having a great time playing seaweed!

Kalanii sprinting in the water relay

M5 Takes to Batik Wax Designs By Miss Grant | Thu 7th Mar 2019

As part of our 'All About Me' project, this year M5 has been experimenting with the process of Batik Wax designs. Students were asked to design or choose existing symbols that resonate with them, their whānau or iwi, or country, and develop a repeating motif. So far we have completed the design phase and application of wax onto paper. It has been incredible to see their artistic journey and the results are fantastic!

Above is an example of West African Batik Art, which has been the inspiration for this project. Stay tuned for examples of students work as they become completed.

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