Miss Marlow-Jones
About M3

Welcome to M3 2020! We are a year 8 class consisting of 32 awesome kids. We are super sporty, love arts and are 50/50 on our love for maths.


First Week Back! By Ms Marlow-Jones | Tue 11th Feb 2020

It's been a crazy week but M3 is slowly getting back into the swing of things. The last few days have been spent building our learning community and getting to know each other. We've done a range of team building exercises, some of which seemed to frustrate a few but it also got some laughs! 

We're also unbeaten in the class VS class tug of war competition! Working as a team has really proven to be the big difference, as well as our well perfected tug of war stances! 

Coming up in the next few weeks we have class photos, athletics day and technology subjects start up in week 4. 

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