Hard Materials Techology
Mr Polaczuk
EPRO8 Every Wednesday 8.50am until 10am
EPRO8 EPRO8 Extension involves a group of students who get together once a week and work together on a project, building up skills for a National Competition in Term 4. EPRO8 consists of engineering, robotics and electronic challenges.
Can you help? Do you have access to hard materials that we could us at Hutt Intermediate School? Donations are always welcome.
About Hard Materials Techology

Hi I am Mr Polaczuk and welcome to Hard Materials Technology. In my room you can saw, sand, hammer, drill and use glue to make things that you have thought about and designed. Whether it be plastic, wood, metal or some other hard material, you can always create something wonderful.


Money box unit By Mr P | Wed 3rd Apr 2019

This term we faced the housing shortage problem. The students realised that the earlier they started on a savings plan the better. Most already had a savings account set up and a moneybox seemed a good initial way to funds that they would later deposit into the bank. We made it in the shape of a house to act as a reminder. 

collaboration with Kereru Syndicate By Mr P | Wed 3rd Apr 2019

For this round we have chosen a traditional theme based on Hauora or  Wellbeing. In carving with Mr. P we are going to work collaboratively to produce a traditional carving on an agreed theme. It will be composed of panels separately carved by us and then joined together and proudly put on display. 

Epro8 Finals By Mr P | Thu 29th Nov 2018

We had 2 teams in the EPRO8 competition this year, and our Year 8 'The Handimen' have made the final.

Come and support us on Monday at Raroa Normal Intermediate in Johnsonville at 5pm.

Epro 8 2018 By Mr P | Wed 17th Oct 2018

2018 starts off with our budding EPro8 candidates signed up for extension. Some of the tasks they are doing are; deconstructing last years bridge then putting it back together. Patrick is leading a small group in assembling a robotic arm kit-set some coding involved here programming the arduino. One group has made a kind of Meccano set from wood and screws and is making a straddle crane to lift a heavy block of wood.

EPro8 17 By Mr P | Thu 15th Feb 2018

Type Here                      2017 EPro8

Our one and only team to reach the regional finals after winning the heats and the semi-finals. This team was called The Tinkers and consisted of Emily, Thenuka, Chloe and Jeanne. These four girls gave it everything through each gruelling three hour session. Both, parents and teacher sat through the exciting sometimes nail biting competitions that were a bit akin to an elongated Melbourne Cup race watching in admiration as the Tinkers worked through the challenges with great skill. Well done Tinkers we are very proud of you. 

Truss Bridge By Mr P | Thu 14th Sep 2017

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Our budding EPro8 team set about making a Truss type bridge. They completed it this term. They made all the Mecanno like pieces from scratch and successfully assembled it. Presently they are working on designing and making a battery powered, remote controlled car that will drive over the bridge. 

3D Drawing By Mr P | Wed 31st Aug 2016

This round of options did some formal drawing using drawing boards and T Squares. We entered an imaginary house makeover competition and drew the remodelled house in oblique 3D. The students then made the drawing into a framed wooden picture.

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