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Term Three is almost over and it has gone by in a flash! It has been a tough term in regards to sickness, and the students have shown a great deal of resilience.


Juggling By H92K19 | Tue 24th Sep 2019

As a part of our Term 3 inquiry into brain development and 

neuro-plasticity we learned(or tried) to juggle. Learning new skills or being challenged can create new pathways in the brain.

This is why a growth mindset is important!

OnTv By H92K19 | Mon 17th Jun 2019

A few photos from the trip to OnTV. A terrific day with an awesome end result. The teamwork was fabulous as everyone did their part to make the production a rousing success!!

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNNjgEiwNio

Geometrocity By H92k19 | Mon 17th Jun 2019

Three examples of some cityscapes. The brief was to rebuild aspects of a city after it was destroyed by a fight between a superhero and their nemesis!

Camp By H92k19 | Tue 9th Apr 2019

couple of photos from Camp. The photos are the last two days where we left the hut tired but happy and the final day getting ready to go caving.

A massive thank you to Stephanie, Miranda, Jan, Simon and Stephen who were our wonderful camp parents. You guys rock!!!


Reflection By H92k19 | Sat 9th Feb 2019

Student reflections describing the class and their peers after 2 weeks!!

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