Mr Bowkett
Notices Just a friendly reminder to get language choices, immunisation forms and reunification plans into me please.
Days Bay Read your gear list - Days Bay is Thursday!
Days Bay Remember the Days Bay trip is on Thursday. Notices on what to bring etc will be sent home soon.
Athletics Athletics has been postponed to Thursday. You are allowed to come to school in PE gear to save time. House colours are also fine.
Athletics Athletics day is on Tuesday week 3. Parents are welcome to me and watch. Remember PE gear and plenty to eat and drink.
EOTC Thanks for those of you who have returned your EOTC notices. If you haven't done so yet can you please get these back to me as soon as possible. Our first trip is this Thursday.
About H8

Welcome to H8. We are a fun and outgoing Year 7 class.


Week 7 - Writing By Mr Bowkett | Fri 20th Mar 2020

Looking through a small hole in the wall. I saw a black figure. Smoke surrounded him. There was a foul smell. Like old fish. I saw him stuffing stuffed animals with fish… I was disgusted. I came to confront him. As I was opening the door a cold hand gripped on to my shoulder.

By Harry McIndoe. 

Week 7 - Writing By Mr Bowkett | Fri 20th Mar 2020

The world hurts. The clocks tick away in the dark and abandoned room. The fish outside, swim against the clear, transparent glass. The silver pendulums inside the grandfather clocks, reflet the outside world that once used to be a thriving city. But it was now quiet. The whole city was gone, silent, dead. The fish swoop suddenly, as if scared. Suddenly, a man enters and crosses the room....

Kaitoro Walker. 

Week 6 By Mr Bowkett | Thu 12th Mar 2020

We are around the half-way point of the term and the programme is up and running. In Maths we are focusing on number sense and have worked on order of operations this week. In Reading, we are working on inference and comprehension skills and our Writing focus this week has been developing skills for making writing engaging and interesting. Learning challenges are available for homework and please contact me if you would like a particular area to focus on.  

Week 5 By Mr Bowkett | Tue 3rd Mar 2020

Just a few reminders there are quite a few notices to return so if you have not returned your immunisation forms or reunification notices and you please do so. 

Homework By Mr Bowkett | Tue 25th Feb 2020

IXL (Maths) is now up and running and this can form part of your home learning. I have also organised technology challenges as some of you may prefer this option to the physical challenges as part of the homework challenge program. See me or parents can get in touch if you have any questions. 

Week 4 By Mr Bowkett | Fri 21st Feb 2020

Week 3 ended with a very successful athletics day. The behaviour on the day was excellent and it was great seeing students representing their houses with pride. Week 4 is quickly upon us and that means Days Bay on Thursday. This is a great opportunity for H8 to form a strong class culture for the year by interacting in a different environment. Parents are welcome to visit us at Eastbourne on the day. 

Week 3 By Mr Bowkett | Sun 16th Feb 2020

The first 2 weeks have flown by and we are starting to the routines of a new class up and running. We recently visited Huia pool for water safety - which was a great success, have done some solid athletics practice, started term 1 testing and have spent time getting to know each other. H8 is proving to be a great sporting class being highly competitive in Tug of War and Danish Rounders. 

Welcome By Mr Bowkett | Fri 7th Feb 2020

Welcome to H8. On this page you will find useful information, reminders and examples of work. 

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