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Rocket making Please send to school empty, cleaned soda bottles and icecream lids.
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Welcome back to school! It is great to have the students back in class for the remainder of Term 2. Check out our 'photos' page to see some of what we have been learning about this week.


Life Education Van By Ms Cheevers | Thu 25th Jun 2020

H7 were lucky to be able to have a lesson in the Life Education van today, (our first out of two sessions). We discussed the difference between mindful and mindless. This was then related to being mindful and mindless on-line (facebook, phones etc). We talked about our messages online - how we still needed to show respect , integrity and kindness. We also realised that it is a good idea to re-read our messages and be mindful to how others may read/interpret it.

Days Bay Trip By Ms Cheevers | Thu 27th Feb 2020

We had great fun at Days Bay today with H8. It was great to see the creativity in the raft building, persistence in the kayaking and noodle slurping! Thanks to all the parent helpers, it was much appreciated. Check out some photos on our 'photos' page.

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