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End of Term Two Term two is a 10 week term which ends on Friday the 5th of July. Term three begins on Monday the 22nd of July.
About H6

Welcome to H6! Our class is a warm, fun environment where students are encouraged to be themselves. We have a strong focus on developing a class culture that is inclusive and allows us to grow as much as possible this year.


Term Four Update By Mr Armstrong | Fri 15th Nov 2019

Wowza, we are already halfway through term four! The past five weeks have flown by, and H6 have been keeping very busy. Term four is a fun time, crammed full of plenty of work, sports and activities going on around the school.

As the weather continues to improve we have been making the most of the field being open again and the sunny courtyard out our back door. If you can please ensure that your kids have a school hat that would be excellent.

Highlights from the term so far have been our murder mystery party, technology, calendar art, and (surprisingly) working on BEDMAS in maths.

We will be busy right through until the end of the term, with an upcoming cross-curricular unit on paper planes, our unsolved mysteries inquiry unit, and events like Top House. 

Term Three Update By Mr Armstrong | Thu 12th Sep 2019

We are well into term three, with only two weeks remaining. H6 has been having a great term, with lots of laughter and hard work in the classroom. This term has brought a lot of change around the school, which has effected how the class has operated. The students have taken the change exceptionally well and have soldiered on without complaint. As the weather continues to improve, we are slowly heading outside more often and are looking forward to term four which will bring more sunshine.

Term Two Update By Mr Armstrong | Thu 27th Jun 2019

Term two has flown by and is almost over already. H6 has been working hard this term on a lot of fun, engaging tasks. Our focus for Maths this term has been Geometry, which has been capped off with a project where the students created their own companies and planned and built their own cities. 

Our collaborative work with the other classes in our team has been based around Superheroes. We have worked on Science and Art projects as a team, as well as individual tasks in our class. The H6 students have been focussed on developing self-management skills during this process.

Our class has been doing exceptionally well in lunchtime sport and are playing in the year 7 finals next week.

The class has settled into a great rhythm. I am looking forward to more fun, excitement and learning in term three.

Term 1 Update By Mr Armstrong | Fri 29th Mar 2019

Term 1 has raced by with so much action and excitement in H6. We have started the year off really well, getting to know how the school works and forging friendships with our new classmates. 

Term 1 has seen athletics day and a trip to Days Bay so far, with our Top House competition coming up in week 11.

Hutt Intermediate has changed the way our class teams are structured this year, mixing classes from across both year groups. The Kiwi team has focussed on cultural identity this term, having the students learn their own history as well as the history of New Zealand. Within H6 we have been exploring how the New Zealand land wars have shaped our country.

The term has flown by, with only two weeks remaining! It's been amazing to get to know the students over the past 9 weeks and I look forward to continuing to develop the relationships throughout the year.

Have a safe Easter break.

Mr Armstrong

Welcome to H6 By Mr Armstrong | Sun 10th Feb 2019

H6 has had a great start to the year. We have had some fun team building challenges, have been working on some exciting art and have had some time outside enjoying the sun in preparation for athletics day. The students have been working hard to get to know each other and their new school. 

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