Mr Bowkett
Trip notice Get those notices in!! They are due at the end of week 5.
Calendar Art Remember to get your orders in!!
Week 1 Term 4 Term 4 is the term when you need your hat - so get back into the habit of bringing your hat. I do have spares under the class TV.
Week 8 I'm pretty sure most of you have done this but please remember any outstanding chocolates money
Week 6 Keep selling chocolates. Remember PE gear everyday and electives has started. Busy times.
Week 1 Community sport starts - so bring PE gear Languages continues - make sure you know where you need to be
Week 10 Science fair write ups are due at the end of this week. We will have a major focus on these in week 10.
Week 9 Speech finals are Thursday this week. Keep bringing in quiz money.
Week 6 Keep learning those facts for Quizathon! I look forward to seeing how well we all do and get those sponsors organised too.
Week 5 term 2 Keep learning those quizathon facts to prepare for the fundraiser!
Week 1 T2 Cross Country - be ready to go on some training runs as the school cross country is next week.
Week 9 reminders We have a group of Japanese students visiting on Wednesday and a Chinese group performing for us on Thursday.
Colour Day Wear bright colours to support our friends in Christchurch!!
Days Bay Days Bay Trip is tomorrow. Bring togs, towel, clothes for hot weather, clothes for cold weather, plenty to eat and drink.
Days Bay Trip On Thursday we have our Days Bay Beach Trip. You are allowed to wear mufti to and from school. I will go through the gear list with you on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Home learning Keep up the great work on IXL - some of you are really getting into it, well done! Regular personal reading at home is a great way to improve your skills as well.
EOTC Hi everyone - please keep bringing in money for our EOTC activities. Our first activity starts next week which is our Kereru Team Te Whiti Riser walk on Tuesday 19 February.
Athletics Day Athletics day is on Wednesday 13 February. Make sure you have everything you need and get ready to support your house.
About H5

Welcome to H5. We are a Year 7 class who are excited to get the year underway and get involved in everything Hutt Intermediate has to offer.


Leadership By Mr Bowkett | Mon 11th Nov 2019

On Wednesday our Year 7s have the chance to stand and speak in front of their House as part of the House Captain application process. I congratulate the people in H5 that have put their hand up to speak. Well done and good luck. 

Week 2 By Mr Bowkett | Wed 23rd Oct 2019

Week 2 is getting busy! School wide testing starts this week, in Maths we have been revising and preparing for next year, in Reading we are working on comprehension skills and in Writing we are making our work more appealing for the reader. Our shared novel is The Recruit and we complete activities after I read a section of the book. Lunchtime sport continues and when handball finishes we start my favourite game - Danish Rounders. 

Term 4 By Mr Bowkett | Fri 18th Oct 2019

Welcome back to school and the start of our final term of 2019! Hope you all had a nice break and are all ready to go for a busy and exciting term. There will be a lot on so keep reading the bulletin, notices and this blog. 

Geometricity By Mr Bowkett | Fri 13th Sep 2019

This week in maths we have focused on planning and designing cities made of maths. Check out the pictures in photos - these aren't ours but examples of what we aspire to build this term.

Chocolates By Mr Bowkett | Mon 2nd Sep 2019

We are doing an amazing job and are one of the top classes. There is a long way to go but let's keep positive. If you have a box at home keep selling. If you can't do something about it NOW!!! 

Colouring competition By Mr Bowkett | Fri 30th Aug 2019

Those who are interested there is a mental health colouring competition. I have the blank templates for you to create your own design titled 'Draw your way to Wellbeing'. See me if you want a form. 

Mr Bowkett By Science Fair | Fri 30th Aug 2019

Congratulations to Amy, Bella and Yoyo & Isla & Caitlin for their efforts in the regional science fair competition. You have all done so well and all the best for the results today.  

Term 3 By Mr Bowkett | Thu 29th Aug 2019

It's been a busy term. In Maths we have been learning about Fractions and will soon move into Geometry, In Writing we always keep a creative focus and we are working on debates, In Reading we are reading a shared novel called Refugee and working on whole class and individual follow up tasks. 

Chocolates By Mr Bowkett | Thu 29th Aug 2019

So far H5 is doing great selling chocolates! I am very proud of those of you who are getting out there and selling. Also the support from home has been excellent. Thanks so much to the people at home helping.  

Welcome back By Mr Bowkett | Wed 24th Jul 2019

Welcome back to school hope you all have had a restful break. It is all go and expect to have a busy term as there is plenty going on. Well done for all those who handed in their Science fair projects. Thanks for all your hard work. 

H5 Updates By Mr Bowkett | Fri 28th Jun 2019

Congratulations to our speech finalists Ishaan and Isla. I'm sorry I wasn't able to make it due to illness but I'm sure you did yourselves proud. Once again a big thank you to all of you for showing the courage to stand in front of your classmates and present something. Not an easy thing to do at all. 

H5 this week. By Mr Bowkett | Mon 24th Jun 2019

This week we have been working hard on our speeches and on Friday we started to present these to the class. We will have our finalists selected by Monday afternoon. Well done to everyone who presented. Keep up your effort on your Science Fairs. I'm looking forward to seeing your results. 

H5 Work By Mr Bowkett | Thu 6th Jun 2019

This week we aim to wrap up our novel studies, get into some persuasive reading and writing, do some inspirational maths (that's what it's called) and really get stuck into our science fair ideas. 

H5 work By Mr Bowkett. | Thu 30th May 2019

Over the next few weeks we have a few things going on in class. In literacy we are working on persuasive writing and this lends nicely to a speech competition that we will hold at the end of the term. Maths might look a little different as we are moving into doing more rich mathematical tasks that require us to think, create and discuss how to solve problems. We are starting to look into science more as we work towards a team science fair at the end of this term. We continue to grow from strength to strength in PE. We are winning more and more lunchtime sport games! Classroom culture is always a focus through regular circle times. We have also just started on the book Wonder as our shared novel.  

Conferences By Mr Bowkett | Thu 9th May 2019

A big thank you to all of you who made time to meet and talk about your young person's journey in H5. It was great to discuss what we have done in class, how we have settled and what we are looking forward to do. This is a real work term in all aspects and I look forward to continuing the learning in H5.  

Welcome back By Mr Bowkett | Thu 2nd May 2019

Welcome back to school everyone. It's been great to see everyone settle back into school life and it's been great to hear about what people got up to during the break. I look forward to another successful term in H5.

Farewell By Mr Bowkett | Fri 5th Apr 2019

Today we farewell our student teacher Ms Smith. She has been with us for the past 4 weeks and the time has just flown by. We will miss her as she has worked so hard and bought some wonderful ideas to the classroom. I know she will make a great teacher!!

Writing By Ishaan | Mon 1st Apr 2019

The Matterhorn Bobsleds is a ride at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. The Matterhorn bobsleds opened on the 14th of June 1959. It was the first tube steel roller coaster to ever exist. The Matterhorn bobsleds was built by the manufacturer Arrow Development. 

The Matterhorn bobsleds reaches speeds at 43km/h. The speed also depends on the weight of the sleigh as the sleighs are not powered. If the tracks were not on a low incline the sleigh will not go very fast. At the start of the ride you go up a lift hill that takes you up to the mountain and then you make your way down the mountain. It takes approximately 2 minutes to go down the mountain.

When you are making your way down the mountain you will see the yeti that looks like a gorilla. The Yeti is also in the expedition Everest ride in Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. 

The Matterhorn bobsleds has 2 un-identical tracks. There is a Tomorrowland side and a Fantasyland side. The Tomorrowland side has got sharper turns and more drops. The Fantasyland side has less drops and has more straight lines.

I recommend to get a FastPass or use the single rider line for this ride as the wait times get very high. The Wait times can sometimes get up to 2 hours so getting a FastPass is recommended.

By Ishaan.

Week 9 Updates By Mr Bowkett | Wed 27th Mar 2019

Hi everyone. Just an update on what's been happening this week. We have been busy at work with our reading and maths groups. In reading we are focussing on a range of comprehension skills and in maths we have just started addition and subtraction. In writing our focus on creative and narrative continues. 

We have been lucky to have Ms Smith a student teacher helping us out. 

Week 8 Updates By Mr Bowkett | Fri 22nd Mar 2019

Hi guys - just a couple of things regarding homework. I have copied and pasted the skills I would like you to focus on for addition and subtraction. They are on the IXL page. I have changed the time amount to 30 minutes per week. We will assess how long this takes you to get through over the next two weeks. See me if you have any questions. 

Week 6 By Mr Bowkett | Wed 6th Mar 2019

It has been a busy week and there is more to come. We've been working hard and reading and maths groups are underway. Tomorrow is our Days Bay trip which we are all looking forward to. I'll post pictures up as soon as possible. Just a special mention and condolences to H4 who farewelled their pet axolotl today. It was a beautiful service and touching moment watching the purple balloon float majestically away before it popped. 

Week 5 By Mr Bowkett | Fri 1st Mar 2019

We are nearly half way through the term and everything is running smoothly. The Wainui pool trip was a definite highlight and I have posted some photos. Big thanks to Kerry for providing the photos. Also, big thanks to Kerry, Rose and Meagan for helping on the day. 

Te Whit Riser By Mr Bowkett | Thu 21st Feb 2019

Great work H5 on your effort on the Te Whiti Riser walk on Tuesday. We absolutely smashed it!! I was so impressed with your attitude to get into the walk and you raced up that hill. You even got back in time to play lunchtime sport. That's living Hutt Core Values. 

First Aid By Mr Bowkett | Thu 14th Feb 2019

Check out our new album showing the students in H5 learning some first aid techniques. The CPR and Defibrillator activities was a definite highlight. We all had fun and big thanks to Kitty for sharing her expertise with us!

Welcome to H5 By Mr Bowkett | Sat 9th Feb 2019

We have had a great start to the year and have been busy learning names, school routines, and new sports. The students in H5 are settling in well and I look forward to working with them. 

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