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End of Term Friday 12th
About H3

In H3 we believe that positive relationships are fundamental in creating a learning environment where everyone feels safe, valued, respected and appreciated. We work hard at building, maintaining and restoring relationships. Some of the ways we learn this in H3 are: Circle time - to help build positive relationships, Chats - to help our class and staff become aware of the impact of their actions, how to make things better and then move forward positively, Language - Being aware of the words we choose and how we talk to each other. We are proud of who we are, where we come from and we look forward to sharing this with you throughout the year.


Visual Art (Specialist Subjects) By Sam and Lucas | Fri 5th Apr 2019

In Visual Arts we have been making small clay dishes such as bowls, plates, cracker dishes and even a wild snake called snakey. In the very first lessons we learned how to shade in a small circle we had fun doing it. The clay steps were easy by that I mean steps how to do it - we first got our clay we then rolled it. After that into a smooth ball, we then got two flat sticks and put the clay ball in the middle and then got a rolling pin and smoothed it down. We got a mold and placed the thin clay into the bowl or if you did a plate you got a bowl turned it upside down and put it on the clay and twisted then took off the outer layer and then molded the edges now back to a bowl then we let that dry for a week then we had a few more lessons on molding then family symbols and painting the symbols which were hard to make but they worked well.

Japanese Visitors By Andie and Lana | Fri 5th Apr 2019

Last week we were very lucky to have some Japanese exchange students from Hutt Valley High come over and visit us. H3 got to have two presentations, one was on Origami and the other was about the different ethnicities in Japan. We were very interested in Japanese culture and would like to learn more.

Science - bean growing By Caleb and Roy | Fri 5th Apr 2019

Two weeks ago we planted some beans in cups of tissue paper. We watered them and have logged in our bean diary the changes that have happened. After 4 days we had some that sprouted. We put Miss Gollan’s one in a dark cupboard, it's gone pale and dying after growing about 5cm. Roy’s and Miss Marsh’s have gone the best (on height) and all three of Caleb's have sprouted. 

Lock Down Drill By Miss Gollan | Fri 5th Apr 2019

On Wednesday we had our annual Lock Down Drill. H3 did very well to lay still on the classroom floor for a long period of time. It is great that we now know what to do in the event of an emergency. 

Recovering Stools By Zeta and Ben | Fri 5th Apr 2019

In H3 Ben, Jayda, Addison, and Zeta decided to refurbish the stools. We had to get the staples out then take all the scraps of fabric off then cut new fabric for the stools. We got to choose the fabric for the stools. In the end, all of them looked really good together.


Days Bay By Astra, Vanessa and Jess B | Fri 5th Apr 2019

In Week 6 H3 and H5 went on our final EOTC trip to Days Bay. We had plenty of activities including wharf jumping, fishing, raft building, beach games and lots more! Wharf jumping was a highlight of most students day, but the raft building was close behind. Here are some pics of our awesome day!

Cricket Skills By Jeff and Lucy | Fri 5th Apr 2019

H3 had a fantastic time learning how to play cricket at cricket skills last week. We played some games that helped us work on our strategizing, fielding, and teamwork, and we think it really helped us.

Gratitude Jar By Khwaish and Ruby | Fri 5th Apr 2019

We had an activity in Circle Time called the Gratitude Jar. Miss Marsh prepared three sentence starters and we had to write on little pieces of coloured paper what grateful for, what we liked about ourselves and what we want to work on. We have put these in a Jar and will reflect on them at the end of the week. 

Wainui Pool By Lachlan and Asher | Fri 5th Apr 2019

We went on a trip to Wainui Pool. We did five rotations that included - kayaking, slide and swim, snorkeling, life raft/life jackets, using common flotation objects to save yourself. It was cold but we all managed to stay alive. We stayed there for most of the day. We really enjoyed our time and going on a double-decker bus that puttered up Wainui hill. 

Transition Time! By Miss Gollan | Thu 28th Feb 2019

In between lessons H3 likes to have a quick break. Zeta wanted to show the class a dancing video which then led to lots of classmates getting up to dance with her. 

Wainui Pool Gear List By Miss Gollan | Fri 22nd Feb 2019

Te Whiti Riser By Miss Gollan | Thu 21st Feb 2019

On Tuesday Team Kereru went on our first EOTC trip up the Te Whiti Riser. 

First Aid By Miss Gollan | Thu 21st Feb 2019

We were very lucky to have Mel from St Johns come into H3 and teach us all about basic first aid. We learnt many valuable skills including how to identify dangers, how and when to send for help, CPR and how to use a defibrillator. It is important to remember that Hutt Intermediate has a defibrillator outside the school office in case of an emergency. 

Athletics Day By Miss Gollan | Thu 21st Feb 2019

We had an awesome Athletics Day. Everyone in H3 was at school and participated in the blistering heat. Well done, H3! 

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