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Late to school A lot of students are showing up to school late and therefore having to sign in when they arrive at school. Could you please encourage your child to get to school at 8.30am so they are ready to go at 8.40am when the bell goes. Thank you!
Magazines! For an activity we will do in the first weeks back at school, we will require lots of magazines. If you have old ones lying around at home please bring them in. Gold cards and house points will be rewarded :)
Community Sport All payments for community sport need to be in by Friday 28th June
Quizathon The HIS Quizathon is going home on the 24th May. Please help your child learn as all the money raised goes back into the school to help benefit your child!
40 Hour Famine 40 Hour Famine booklets have gone home so get fundraising!!
Absent Student A reminder to email secretary@his.school.nz if your child is going to be away at all.
Physical Education If your child does not have the correct PE uniform or is unable to take part in PE please send a note with them to school or email me with a reason why :)
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Welcome to H11 for 2020 with Mrs Stevens. We are all looking forward to a great year ahead!


H11 2020 - Website By Mrs Stevens | Fri 20th Mar 2020

Hi team, 

I have created a website to use instead of this. 


If you have any questions please send me an email on



Calendar Art By Miss M | Thu 17th Oct 2019

Hello Everyone! 

The order forms for calendar art went home yesterday, could the forms please be returned by next Wednesday (23rd October). Below are all of the different creative pieces! Get your child to point out there one :) 

Sorry the quality of some of the photos are not very good. If you want a better copy, send me an email and I will scan it through to you. 

Also, the wrong bank account was put on to the form. The correct account is: 12 3478 0000580 00

Many thanks

Term 4 By Miss M | Wed 16th Oct 2019

H11 had a great end to Term 3 with some Badminton, Life Education and learning about the Rugby World Cup. 

We are looking forward to an exciting Term 4. Calendar art will be sent home soon to get orders in. 

Here are a few photos from the end of the term and start of this term.

Wellbeing By Miss Mac | Wed 25th Sep 2019

This week we are all about wellbeing! 

Image result for 5 ways of wellbeing

Well done to Zane, Antony and Jenna who received awards at Assembly for showing kindness in the classroom. Tino pai :) 

Term 3 By Miss Macdonald | Mon 23rd Sep 2019

Term 3 has flown by!

In H11 we've been busy learning about Fractions, Decimals & Percentages. We've taken part in Literacy Circles for reading. Hutt Intermediate has been luck enough to have Craig for Baseball Wellington to teach them some Baseball skills. We've had an awesome performance from Capital E.

Students have created their own websites with their work on it which they will be able to show you at home. 

Check out the Term 3 photo album! 

Capital E By Olivia | Fri 14th Jun 2019

Last week, Thursday 6th June (Week 6) we were all privileged enough to take a trip to Capital E! (all photos in an album on the class page) and take part in both the Media Lab (3D Game Design - Link: https://www.capitale.org.nz/event/game-design/) and OnTv. Our trip began with riding in a double decker bus through to Wellington. We soon arrived and both H10 and H11 were pumped and very excited. We were in for a treat. First H11 went to the Media Lab where Lauren greeted us. We all sat down, with grins on our faces and began to listen in to our task ahead. We partnered up and moved to our computers and started our amazing and fun experience. After all was complete we had the time to play like an arcade and try everybody else’s cool creations. It was very fun. Time flew by and next was lunch, chasing pigeons and waving at random strangers we did. Time for OnTv. Leading up to today we had already decided our roles (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N295OdQwMxk) with Lucy as director, Mia being floor manager, Micaela and Drew as our awesome presenters and much more. We learnt our parts and now was the time for dress rehearsal. Fun, fun, fun and even more fun the rehearsal was. This time for real. Our costumes seemed pretty much perfect and suited all the different characters. So time to start. Reading words off the cameras and having loads of close ups, we finally finished. Tidied up and time to leave but first time to watch ourselves. Smiles and loud laughs came from us all as we cringed at everyone. The day was amazing and fulfilled with loads fun. Time to go back to school. We stepped back onto the bus and we all buzzed. That was so cool! “Going back for sure”.

Week 7 By Micaela | Fri 14th Jun 2019

This week H11 have immersed themselves in different cultures, sports and learning as they have spent their week enjoying languages, Olympic speeches and much more. On Tuesday and Friday the students in H11 went to their tech classes to create complex coded algorithms and make a video game to get you active, while some cooked up a storm whipping together a beautiful hauora dish to improve your wellbeing. And even more, in hard tech some students finished off their colourful keychains and started a new project. During the assembly on Wednesday we were privileged enough to be spoken to by an Olympic ambassador / ex-Olympian Paul Henare who now coaches multiple Basketball teams. Paul competed in the 2000 and 2004 olympics for basketball and talked to us about how to accomplish your dreams and how he did just that, while performing a very cool basketball finger spin wowing us all. After the assembly the school split into their languages classes following with their electives after lunch, leaving Wednesday as our most eventful day! Our syndicate Kahu also conducted their science experiments, some being crystals, chocolate or even boats, it’s safe to say we all enjoyed ourselves because time flew by and soon it was the end of the day. So that was our week, and it sure was very full on!


Week 5 By Max C | Sat 1st Jun 2019

On Monday we started the week by beginning a new class book ‘Finding’. After that we had Maths, when we did pre questions on measurement and converting to determine our workshops for the week. We also had a circle time on support for autistic and differently wired people. After Morning Tea we did Reading then Volleyball. We had lunchtime sport; benchless ball, Then we practiced for the quizathon by starting Kahoots.

On Tuesday, first block, we had two maths workshops - converting measurements and calculating volume, then we worked on Reading - Prior knowledge & Predictions, Then we had new tech rotation for the middle block. In the last block we had Kahu Collaboration (working on Science Investigations).

On Wednesday we had Teacher Strike which meant no school for us... Yay!

On Thursday morning we did Maths then Literacy. In the second block we did M4 suite and PE in the wet and windy weather. After lunch we had flexi time, working on science or CSI writing task.

On Friday we started the day off with watching a popular youtube video about a blind and autistic person who played the piano, then we had tech (Second tech session of the new rotation). After morning tea we did maths then practiced for the quizathon. Lunch passed, then we had library then Kahu time. And that is the end of another week!

Written by Max Clendon of H11

Week 4 Summary By Maia & Jemma | Fri 24th May 2019

At the start of the week, the whole class surprised Miss Macdonald for her birthday which was on Sunday.. We decorated the classroom and gave her a box of goodies! On Monday our class got an awesome opportunity to learn a bit more about Earthquakes and how they work. We learnt that there are tectonic plates in the ground and that in millions and millions of years from now New Zealand will be in a different shape, because its very slowly moving under Australia. After learning about that we got to play in a modded minecraft server the mod in it made earthquakes.(modification)

On Tuesday we got to do a science experiment on robo copers. A robo copter is a mini helicopter made from paper that spins when you drop it to the ground. We got into buddies and try to make a fair test, for example can we control the way it spins. 

There was an assembly on Wednesday, at the assembly they talked to us about the 40 hour famine and how we can support kids and adults in need. Miss Macdonald is going to sponsor everyone who does it $1 each! After assembly, in am2 we had languages, in the last block people went out to Wednesday sport.

Thursday we had to come up with an idea to pursue in kahu collaboration about a fair test so we can carry out a personal science investigation.

Friday..., Friday.., Friday.. the best day of the week,TECH sadly it as the last day of tech before we switch to our next tech.

The End :)

Term 2 Update By Miss Macdonald | Thu 9th May 2019

A big welcome back to Term 2! We have been very busy already in the first 2 weeks. We've been investigators and carried out some forensic tests for science, worked together completing tricky Su Do Ku's, listened to author Des Huntand competed in the Hutt Intermediate Cross Country! Well done to everyone who participated and completed the course. A special mention to Drew, Cullen, Lucy, Mia and Maia who got in the top 12 for the year 8's and will train together in preparation for the WRISSA Cross Country. 

Thank you to all of the parents who took time out of their busy schedules to come in for a meeting with me. It was great to catch up and share some of the goals your child is working towards. 

Below are some photos from whats been on so far - hope you enjoy! 

mBOTs By Miss Macdonald | Wed 10th Apr 2019

H11 had a blast using and battling with the mBOTs today!

Lockdown Drill By Micaela | Wed 3rd Apr 2019

We had just got back from the assembly when the bell went off. All of H11 ran down to the mat and lay face down. We managed to stay still for most of the time however some of us were not so great at staying quiet. Some people were using this time to relax or have a quick nap! After the lockdown drill was over we all assembled outside in our class lines and it was all over. At least it wasn't real! 

Science By Miss Macdonald | Wed 6th Mar 2019

An awesome class brainstorm of what we think science is today! 

Camp Gear List By Miss Macdonald | Wed 6th Mar 2019

Hi all, 

I have updated the gear list with what to include in the tramping packs for the first day.

Students will need to make sure they are not carrying any unnecessary items on the tramp but have enough clothes for the night. 

Please keep the student contracts and the camp payments coming in.

Any questions - send me an email. 

Camp Reminder By Miss Macdonald | Fri 1st Mar 2019

In H11 we re all getting excited for camp in week 7 (11th March-15th March).

We are looking at our final preparations for this. 

Today your child will come home with a Student Contract, please read through this with them, sign and return ASAP. 

Also they will have another letter with a few reminders. At the bottom of this will be a return slip for your child to bring back to school so we know you have received and read it.

Here is the Gear List if you need reminders on what to pack. We will go over everything at school next week. 

If you have any questions - please email me. 

Enjoy your weekend!

First Aid By Miss Macdonald | Tue 26th Feb 2019

H11 loved having St Johns in to learn some First Aid! 

Welcome to H11 By Miss Macdonald | Sun 10th Feb 2019

We have had a great start to the year! We've been learning names and building our class culture, practising our athletics skills and doing some creative writing.The students in H11 are settling in well and I look forward to working with them. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. 

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