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Welcome to H1 (Year 8). 2019 has started with great gusto! We have been focusing on getting to know each other teacher and classmates and settling in to the Year 8 programme of work at Hutt Intermediate. It has been good to have made contact with all H1 parents and carers over the past few weeks. On 18-22 March we had our year 8 Camp based in Masterton. Have a look at some of our photos. Welcome to Term 2 after an extremely busy and productive first term. This term began with 3 way progress and goal setting interviews. Thank you to all those who attended. Hopefully we all identified key improvement goals to be addressed for the rest of this term. Term 3 events follow below:


Refugee Study By Mr John Taylor-Smith | Mon 9th Sep 2019

We have just finished our Refugee Study which covered the international plight of refugees. 

We found out, amongst other things, that:

  1. The worlds refugee population is more than twice the population of Australia and NZ.
  2. A refugee population equivalent to Lower Hutt is displaced every day. 
Sexuality Unit By Mr John Taylor-Smith | Fri 30th Aug 2019

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Science Fair By Mr John Taylor-Smith | Mon 5th Aug 2019

At the end of Term 2 Kereru Team students completed an investigation for Science Fair. Here are some exhibits from H1.

HAIKU DISPLAY By Mr John Taylor-Smith | Fri 21st Jun 2019

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PINK SHIRT DAY By Mr T-S | Fri 21st Jun 2019

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more Geoart By Mr T-S | Fri 21st Jun 2019

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Geoart By Mr John Taylor-Smith | Fri 21st Jun 2019

GEOART :One feature of Maths we have been doing all year is Geo-art which in simple terms is Art which has a mathematical aspect. Here are some examples:

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