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Resources needed! We would REALLY appreciate any of the following items: fresh herbs, containers with lids,lemons,any other fresh food produce - please email me - Thank you
About Food Technology/Hangarau Kai

In Food Technology/Hangarau Kai, students learn key skills through a range of practical and theoretical opportunities. We focus on developing confidence, creativity, practical skills, independence and technological literacy. Students will also learn about nutrition, safety, and Hauora.


Garden To Table Group By Mrs Gates | Tue 16th Jun 2020

Fantastic afternoon planting all the amazing plants Bunnings Petone had donated to our Garden To Table group.  Also a huge thank you to Kate Chapman, our AMAZING parent help who comes every week to teach the students about our garden and help out with our gardening activities- we couldn't do it without you!!

We also had Olivia Boyd join us today, who is the Regional Coordinator for Garden To Table.  She got stuck in helping us plant and gave us heaps of tips on how to develop our garden further.

Once we'd finished weeding and planting, we all came inside and used our recent crop of curly parsley to each make a jar of tabbouleh to take home!

Food Tech Extension Group By Mrs Gates | Tue 3rd Mar 2020

A great day getting inspiration for our 'Mad Hatters Tea Party' in the Wonderland exhibition at Te Papa!

Garden To Table Group By Mrs Gates | Tue 3rd Mar 2020

Garden To Table group are now well underway! Last week we spent the session doing a tidy up in the garden and doing some weeding.  This week we have planted micro greens, stewed some apples we harvested last week, and put together our new rotating composter.  

Hangarau Kai 2020 By Mrs Gates | Thu 13th Feb 2020

Welcome to Food Technology/Hangarau Kai 2020! 

We're really looking forward to another busy year of fun filled food preparation and many other challenges along the way.   

We start the year with students from Maungaraki, Wilford and Sacred Heart Petone Schools who come to us for their Technology specialist classes.  Hutt Intermediate students will begin classes in the specialist areas in week 4.

Food Technology Extension and our Garden To Table groups will start up in week 4 too, with a trip to Te Papa to get inspiration for our 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party' from the Alice in Wonderland exhibition!

Masterchef and chocolate tempering workshop By Mrs Gates | Sun 8th Dec 2019

Fantastic work by all our Masterchef finalists and to Emma McLaughlin with her kawakawa infused creme patisserie profiteroles, our 2019 Masterchef winner! 

Thanks to Toby and his team from WelTech who were our fantastic judges for the final.

We also had Paul from Nestle come and do a chocolate tempering workshop! 

Science By Mrs Gates | Sun 28th Jul 2019

Using the Foods room for some science experimentation as part of Kotuku's collaboration project.

Gardening Group By Mrs Gates | Sun 28th Jul 2019

More lovely mid-winter produce from our school garden :) 

Presentation Challenge By Mrs Gates | Sun 28th Jul 2019

Inspired by a UK national competition 'The Tunnocks Teacake Challenge',  some of our students took part in our 'Present a Mallow Puff Challenge' ! Here is the winner as voted for by our facebook community :) 

Drip cakes By Mrs Gates | Tue 28th May 2019

Last lesson for Food Tech extension class - drip cakes!!! 

Food Fair 2019 By Mrs Gates | Tue 28th May 2019

Fantastic time had by all at our 'Food Truck Wars' food fair held last week. We were sold out in just 30 minutes and fed nearly 300 students!!

Whanau help! By Mrs Gates | Wed 27th Mar 2019

Last Wednesday and today, our Food Technology Extension Class invited their whanau in to help them prepare a dish which represented their culture/family heritage. 

We had everything from pavlova to dumplings, fry bread to pani popo.

Congratulations By Mrs Gates | Tue 12th Mar 2019

Congratulations to Kim Pua for winning the Summer Cooking Challenge!

Welcome to 2019 By Mrs Gates | Wed 20th Feb 2019

Welcome to Term One!  After two weeks of amazing work from Sacred Heart Petone, Wilford and Maungaraki Schools, we have begun our Year 8 program with a peer hygiene assessment - Mexican chicken salad burgers :) 

Congratulations By Mrs Gates | Wed 28th Nov 2018

Masterchef heat #3 By Mrs Gates | Sun 25th Nov 2018

Masterchef By Mrs Gates | Wed 14th Nov 2018

Another amazing heat for the HIS Masterchef competition.  Congratulations to Megan Rowe (roasted, spiced cauliflower with yoghurt dressing and haloumi), Flynn Butler (Shri Lankan lamb curry with spicy fried red cabbage) and Nicholas Green (Asian beef and noodle salad with seasonal vegetables) for getting through to the finals in week 7.

Masterchef By Mrs Gates | Wed 7th Nov 2018

Congratulations to Isaac and Jack who won the first heat of our Masterchef competition!!  Their great use of fresh seasonal vegetables really impressed the judges.

शुभ दीवाली Happy Diwali By Mrs Gates | Sun 4th Nov 2018

HIS Master Chef 2018 By Mrs Gates | Mon 1st Oct 2018

Year 7 Food Tech Term 3 By Mrs Gates | Thu 16th Aug 2018

Already half way through our new rotation of Technology!!  

So far, the Year 7's have done Spanish Frittata (safe use of grill and stove), Puff pastry tartlets (creativity and glazing/plating), Make over butter chicken, rice and roti (hygiene, chicken cookery and absorption method for rice).

Term 2 Food Tech By Mrs Gates | Wed 27th Jun 2018

A few pictures from the last few weeks:

1.  Lemon cheesecake & scotch eggs (Y8) 'How can food enhance our hauora?'

2.  Cookie caramel sandwiches, salad tortilla baskets and chicken Pad Thai  from our 'NO FOOD WASTE' week where we made very good use of leftovers and items from the freezers which needed using up!

3.  Year 7 pizzas ; their brief was to design and make a pizza which would be tasty, nutritious and suitable to eat on the go for a client stakeholder in the class.

Whanau help today with extension class By Mrs Gates | Wed 30th May 2018

A fantastic afternoon with the extension class tasked with producing a dish from their culture/family heritage, they enlisted the help of parents and grandparents :) 

A wonderful afternoon of trying new things and sharing experiences.

1.  Polish peach cake

2. Antiguan crab cakes with spicy tomato dipping sauce

3.  New Zealand Afghan biscuits

4.  English Cornish pasties

5.  South African Bobotie 

6.  Scottish shortbread

7.  Samoan chop suey

8.  Samoan Oka

9.  British Apple Pie


Croquembouche competition By Mrs Gates | Wed 23rd May 2018

Food Technology Extension class today having a croquembouche competition.  

They made the choux buns last week then filled and decorated this week.

Some stunning results including this one from Elanor Capel and Elliott Harrold; love the piggy on top! 

Food Truck Wars By Mrs Gates | Wed 28th Mar 2018

The Year 8  Food Extension class held a food fair today which was a great success! The Brief was to modify a typical food truck product and make it more nutritious but just as tasty :) 

Gardening group produce! By Mrs Gates | Thu 15th Feb 2018

Thank you to the gardening group for all of this amazing produce I harvested this morning for our falafel salad wrap practical :) 

We had Pip and Jeanette here from Vegetables NZ in Auckland visiting and they were very impressed!

Welcome to 2018 By Mrs Gates | Tue 30th Jan 2018

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful summer break.  I am looking forward to lots of new challenges and creativity in the Food Tech room this year so watch this space!!

If any Year 8 students want to enter the summer cooking challenge please bring your entries to me in the Food Tech room or hand to your class teacher to pass on to me.  Alternatively you can email me the results.

Guardians/parents or students, if you have any questions or queries please don't hesitate to contact me on

COOKING CHALLENGE 2017/8 By Mrs Gates | Wed 13th Dec 2017

Put your cooking skills and creativity to the test by entering my 'Cooking Challenge' over the summer break.  

A prize will be awarded to the best selection of dishes prepared.  You could email me pictures of the dishes you prepare or just complete the sheet handed out today in class (or just write them on a piece of paper and have it signed off by your guardian).


Mrs Gates

Art Evening By Mrs Gates | Tue 7th Nov 2017

A HUGE THANK YOU to Jasmine Moor, Jenuine Wairau, Unique Wairau, Travis Rogers, Ezra Cooper, Lily Fleming, Maddy Dickens, and Levi Morgan for helping to make the catering for this special event.

They made over 400 hors d'oeuvre's including feta, basil and tomato tartlets, popcorn chicken, waffle and maple syrup bites and cheese and herb scones with salmon and cream cheese to pass around at the event. Not to mention the mountain of washing up that came with all that preparation!!

LEMONS By Mrs Gates | Wed 13th Sep 2017

If you have any spare lemons on your tree, then we'd LOVE to have them please.  

We use them instead of salt in our cooking, and to make lemonade for fundraising in term 4 to buy new equipment.


Mrs Gates

CONGRATULATIONS!! By Mrs Gates | Wed 13th Sep 2017

Congratulations to Isla and Emily who were one of the Nutrtiton Foundation's 'Just Cook Challenge' winners!! 

This was a national competition open to 11-18 year olds to develop a nutritious family friendly meal.

THANK YOU By Mrs Gates | Fri 31st Mar 2017


 The Food Technology Department would like to, yet again, thank Farrah’s for sponsoring the department with over 150 of their wraps. Some of them will be helping our extension class develop ideas for the Nutrition Foundation ‘Just Cook’ Competition.

Great way to start the day! By Mrs Gates | Thu 2nd Mar 2017

What a wonderful start to todays practicals! Fresh vegetables from our 'Greenie Group' garden.  

Today the Year 7's will be learning about knife safety, vegetable cuts, safe use of the stove and grill by making fresh vegetable soups and Spanish Frittata. 

A new year begins! By Mrs Gates | Tue 7th Feb 2017

Welcome to Food Technology 2017.

It's going to be a fantastic year full of creativity and skill building.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on  

Recipes we use are all available on this page so feel free to practise at home!

Any Year 8 students who took part in the Summer Cooking Challenge must get your sheets in by Friday.

Summer Cooking Challenge By Mrs Gates | Wed 14th Dec 2016

Practise what you have been learning in Food Tech this year and take part in my Summer Cooking Challenge!

Last year's prize was a New Zealand Cook Book worth over $50 :) 

(You don't need to use the form below if you didn't pick one up, just email me photos of the results or bring a note in from home signed by a guardian)

FOOD FAIR By Mrs Gates | Thu 25th Aug 2016

On Tuesday 30th August the Year 8 Food Technology Students will be holding a food fair for the Year 7's.  The Brief they were given was to 'develop a nutritious take away style product to sell to the Year 7's at a food fair'! I look forward to seeing the results :) 

MAGGI COOKING COMPETITION By Mrs Gates | Wed 22nd Jun 2016

Each year 'Maggi' hold a national cooking competition.  This year students had to come up with their own recipe then I chose the best ideas to go forward to our very own cook-off! 

Today, 5 teams cooked their dish and were judged on hygiene, teamwork, presentation, use of their mango product and flavour by myself, Mrs Pollock and Miss Harrold.

Well done to Patrick, David and Dexter who cooked a wonderful Mediterranean lamb with cous cous and sautéed carrots and Aimee, Georgia, Nissa and Xaria who cooked a wonderful chicken and vegetable satay pie with fresh green salad.  Both these recipes will be going through to the competition.  

Poptastic popcorn By Mrs Gates | Thu 16th Jun 2016

Students doing my 'Snack Attack' elective made a variety of flavoured popcorns yesterday the recipes/ideas are now on my recipe page.

Elective By Mrs Gates | Thu 9th Jun 2016

The next 5 weeks students who chose the 'snack attack' elective will be making low/no sugar snacks.  Today was blueberry and banana muffins with banana/berry 'ice cream'!!

Year 7 Pita Pockets By Mrs Gates | Thu 2nd Jun 2016

The beginning of another rotation of Year 7's.  Making simple Pita Pockets (knife skills, room routines, hygiene and nutrition).

Year 8 Pasta dishes from yesterday By Mrs Gates | Wed 1st Jun 2016

A few dishes from yesterdays fresh pasta and basic tomato and basil sauce!

Year 8 rotation #1 By Mrs Gates | Mon 30th May 2016

'Pasta Perfect'; this is the title for our first Year 8 project.  Kiwi, Kea and Kahu students began their first lesson by making some fresh pasta dough which we'll be shaping and making a basic sauce for tomorrow!  Students over the next few weeks will be going through the Technology Process to develop their own fresh pasta dish.. photos to come!

Term 2 By Mrs Gates | Sun 22nd May 2016

Term two already and we're off to a great start!  The classes from WIlford School and Maungaraki School have enjoyed their week here developing a 'nutritious take away style dish' with fantastic results.  

We had everything from fruit 'ice cream' with blueberry caviar to Mexican quesadillas, spicy pumpkin soup with spinach gnocchi and Chinese dumplings.  The Year 8 students had to make 20 small portions of their creations to serve to the Year 7 students at the end of the week.

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